Visitor Information

Note: These pages are not official. For the most up to date and official information please visit the Buckeye Council website located here.


Visitors in Camp

All visitors in camp must check in and out with the Camp Administration and sign in and out at the Deaver Administration Building.

Visitors’ presence will be limited to activities that deal specifically with their own unit.

All visitors must be escorted by a member of the unit that they are visiting at all times.

Overnight Camping

Any visitor staying the night in camp must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America and have a completed health history form on file with the Camp Health Officer.

Meals in the Mess Hall

A limited number of meals can be provided to visitors in the dining hall by making advanced reservations. Due to limited seating and food, visitor meals may not always be possible. Do not guarantee visitors a meal until the camp office has accepted payment. All guest meals must be paid for in advance. All guest meals are $5.00 apiece.

Sunday Visitation

On Sunday, parents are invited to visit with their units and observe the check-in procedures. Due to the large number of visitors in camp on Sunday, only Scouts and leaders listed on the troop roster will be permitted to eat in the dining hall. Grills and picnic tables are available at the Netawotwes pavilion near the Deaver Administration Building. Around 8:45 PM, visitors are invited to the Bridgebuilder’s Amphitheater to enjoy and participate in the Sunday Night Opening Campfire. Visitors are asked to sit in the last two rows of seats so that they can be escorted back to the parking lot after the campfire.

OA Visitation

On Wednesday evening, Sipp-O Lodge will hold a calling out ceremony for ordeal and brotherhood candidates. The public may view the calling out ceremony. Visitors may park in the Camp Algonkin parking lot and check-in at the Deaver Administration Building between 7:30PM and 8:00 PM

Pipestone Visitation

Due to campwide involvement in the camp honor program, we do not suggest visitations Friday evening.