This is the new site for Troop 38, located in East Sparta, Ohio. Better known as “The Eagle Makers”, this troop goes beyond the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary. If you are serious about becoming an Eagle Scout, then there is only one choice, and the choice many others have made before.

What to Bring to Camp

Personal Gear:
• Field Uniform(Class A) and Activity uniform(Class B)
• 1 pair of sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support
• 1 pair of tennis shoes
• 5 blank or Scouting related T-shirts
• 1 pair of pants or jeans, 5 pairs of shorts, and belt
• 1 long sleeve shirt and 1 sweatshirt (valuable for camp honors)
• Underwear/socks (1 week worth)
• Personal mess kit and eating utensils
• Personal hygiene items
• Shower shoes, 2 towels, and swim suit
• Flashlight and pocketknife
• Spending money($10-20)
• 3’ whipped knot rope (for Dining Hall traditions)
• fishing pole, camera (optional)
• Scout Handbook and merit badge prerequisites (Merit Badge books are available at camp)
• rain gear, sun screen, and insect repellent
• closed toe water shoes (Waterfront activities)
• Pipestone wood (if applicable)
• Mattress (Optional) youth campers, including Senior Patrol Leaders, will not be provided with mattresses
• Personal time device (watch)
• Pad or plastic to cover spring or wooden bunk
• sleeping bag and backpack
• notebook, writing utensils, envelopes, and stamps(optional)
• blank or Scouting related hat
NOTE: Do NOT bring food or electronic devices. Sheath knives, Airsoft equipment, personal rifles, bows, shotguns, paintball guns, paintballs and ammunition are not to be brought to camp.